About Us

We aim to provide the strongest, best designed ute boxes in Australia — at the most affordable prices!

Why Boltbox?

We were frustrated by poor quality, unhelpful service and a lack of information, so Boltbox was set up to supply great quality ute boxes — in a friendly manner, at insanely attractive prices — same day, if necessary.

We’ve invested in huge warehouses nationwide that we keep fully stocked. We are not resellers. You are dealing direct with the designers and importers, so there are no greedy middleguys taking their cut.

The result: you can get a durable well-designed toolbox, same-day, with a minimum of fuss at a fabulous price.

  • 2.5mm Gage Aluminium Checkerplate: We believe in providing quality products that last and will do the job they are built to do. So our Tool boxes are built with 2.5mm gage aluminium checkerplate, not the 2.0mm or 1.6mm common in competitors’ products. They use thinner material but we are still cheaper.
  • Sturdy Toolbox Lids: Our Toolbox lids are made of the same sturdy 2.5mm gage aluminium but are also supported by strong hinges that run the length of the lid. Supported by two hard wearing hydraulic struts and protected by a rubber door seal these toolboxes are build to stand the rigours of Australian climate and work conditions.
  • T-Bar Swivel Locking System: We have selected a T-bar swivel locking system for its high security, easy use and corrosion resistence. Supplied with 2 keys too, not just one like other cheapskate dealers.
  • Anyway, come see them for yourself. We have loads of locations and we’d be happy to run you through the product range to find you the best box for your ute. Or you can buy online … if you aren’t happy with the box … get it back to us and we’ll happily refund the purchase price.

Any questions? Just give us a call. Click the contact link below for all our locations.