Gay H
Gay HGreat quality product
Thank You for great service and for getting the item to us without any hassles.
Adam M.
Adam M.Under body tool boxes 600x420x200
I am really happy with the toolboxes! the freight did not take long at all and all up great service with everything from the purchase to delivery. Thanks heaps they are perfect and great quality highly recommended to anyone looking for under body tool boxes. Thanks greatly!
Michael H
Michael HExceptional quality for the price
Exceptional quality for the price.
David C
David CExcellent utebox
My bolt box experience has been excellent. Great price for a quality box. Only a few hours went by after I ordered and the box was delivered to my door. I highly recommend anyone buy a bolt box.
Gregg R
Gregg RPurchase of gullwing toolbox
Quick and efficient service...Very happy with the product.. Strong, sturdy and everything they said it would be.
Dale M
Dale MGreat toolbox
Best toolbox. Quality is fantastic.
Kevin L
Kevin LUnder tray tool boxes
I purchased these for my son for his Birthday present. He's a plumber and soon will achieve his plumber's licence so it is quite a big occasion. To use the web-site was easy. You could pay by Visa (credit card) or PayPal. I chose the latter. Within 2 days the goods arrived. Today's his birthday party! Very happy with the service.
JamesGood prices & blokes
Picked one up today really happy with the tool box & the prices are great!